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Toyobo (or photopolymer gravure) is an innovative new printmaking process that uses remarkable water-washable photopolymer plates which are both fast and safe, producing results similar to 19th century process of photogravure.

To reproduced a small vintage photograph of your mother/grandmother/pet I start by rephotographing it and resizing. The new image is then transferred onto clear acetate and exposed onto photographic plate in the darkroom. Once the exposure is decided I make a final toyobo plate using water instead of chemicals and start the printing process - you choose the colour and I print on high quality paper.

The process from start to finish is approx 2 weeks, for £300 you will receive:

The acetates
The final toyobo plate
All the test prints and the final image - printed, dry and ready to frame.

This is a unique gift, you have commissioned an artist and printmaker to breathe life into a favourite picture that would otherwise be left in a drawer or an old photo album.

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